Bodyblade® Target Training Xpress DVD


(as of 07/19/2018 at 16:25)


Get an Xpress workout in 10 minutes! Features instruction with Bodyblade® Cardios and Bodyblade® Classic but can be used with any Bodyblade® to customize your workout with a unique time and intensity meter. You also have the option to do all three together. (approx. 30min)


  • Bruce Hymanson, PT, and internationally known fitness instructor, Rosalie Brown focusing on strength and conditioning. Part 1- Sculpted Arms, Part 2 – Tight & Toned Abs, Part 3 – Firm Hips & Thighs.
  • Please Note: All Bodyblade® Exercise workout DVDs include the Professional and Super Six instructional chapters. There is no need to purchase an additional Instructional DVD separately.


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