Chair Gym Pedal Exerciser


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Chair Gym Pedal Exercise – Nothing Beats this

Nothing beats this system – Why ?

It’s what I needed to use after knee surgery. To get the correct fit move your feet further up or down the pedals – some may find that the action is jerky – if you do buy a bike and get outside its time to move on. These are perfect for the wet days, recovering form surgery, bad knees or simply to get the circulation going.

Ideal for those with swollen legs and ankles – the action is not too hard and you just need to turn them over th get the circulation going. Its like riding a mini bike indoors. It’s light enough to easily move and way less expensive than an exercise bike. I can go to the gym for tha

Yes the Chair Gym Pedal Exerciser can be used to workout your legs getting them strengthened and tones. Chair Gym Pedal Exerciser can be used to work out your arms when used on your lap to improve your upper body strength. LCD digital display shows the time, distance, count, total count and calories burned during your workout.



Features of the Chair Gym Pedal Exerciser

  • Built in Digital LCD Display calculates- Time, Distance, Count, Calories burned
  • Strengthens and tones- legs and arms
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Use it with your Chair Gym


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