SPRI Super High Density Foam Rollers


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Spri High Density Full Foam Roller

Why do we use Foam Rollers

The aim of the foam roller is to Massage Your Muscles (AKA Self-Myofascial Release) Using a foam roller is essentially a more affordable way to give yourself a deep tissue massage.

By slowing rolling over various areas of your body, you’ll help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout.

spri foam rollers

Features Spri High Density Full Foam Roller

  • Ultra rigid, providing maximum firmness
  • Sturdy and resilient
  • Built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding foam roller applications
  • Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina
  • May also be used for gentle stretching and self-mobilization of joints and spine

Let Face Facts about the Foam Rollers

A foam roller is often used like a pressure point/trigger point tool and allows the individual to work aspects of the body that may be hard to reach otherwise. The rolling motion also flushes the tissues and helps to circulate blood through the legs. Both help to loosen the tendon and muscle tissues. Pain is often referred. Knee pain is often from injured or contracted tendons and white tissue outside of the knee area. Using a roller is often painful, but often helps to alleviate chronic pain in the knees and legs. If you don’t know anatomy get yourself an instruction book to go with the SPRI Foam Rollers , or google the instructions.


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